Proven and Professional

Whether you visit me for a one-off treatment or a longer course of action, I make sure my patients play an active role in their recovery so they can remain pain-free once treatment ends.



Patient-Centered Treatment

I take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. Through my years of experience, I’ve found that Treatment & Therapy is a crucial part of the recovery process.

In my practice I am using:

  • Joints mobilizations and manipulations techniques

  • Fascia and muscle release techniques

  • Triggers points release techniques

  • Acupuncture - AACP member

  • Kinesiology taping

  • McKenzie therapy

  • Bobath for adults therapy

  • Massage techniques - classic, relaxing, deep tissue, sport, cupping and pregnancy.

  • Personalized exercise prescription

  • Electrotherapy modalities

Physical Therapist


The Tools You Need

Assessment & Diagnosis forms an integral part of my approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation. This service is fundamental to ensuring my patients’ long-term health and wellness.

I offer: 

  • Injury diagnosis and muskuloskeletar assessment

  • Biomechanical assessment 

  • Posture analysis

  • Post operative rehabilitation


Because I understand that everyone's situation may be different

I offer home-based physiotherapy assessments and treatments for individuals in Worcester and the surrounding area. Home physiotherapy appointments are often requested by individuals whom:

  • Prefer treatment at home due to complex health issues

  • Are unable to attend a clinic due to reduced mobility

  • Are unable to travel at all

  • Orthopaedic cases (joint replacements/fractures/recovering from surgery etc.


The duration of the home visit may vary depending on the case but as a standard I aim to offer you the same time you would get in our clinic - 60 minutes.

Prices may vary depending on distance. Please get in touch to discuss further. I am here to support and help you on your journey towards recovery.

Physiotherapy Session


Better safe than sorry

Many sport injuries and body strains which we create through out the day both at work and home can be prevented by understanding our limitation and weaknesses. Addressing issues early can help you maintain good health and wellbeing let me help you with this process.